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Working with franchise holders

Although Tortworth Court left a lot to be desired in terms of customer service, it was a superb location for a conference and I enjoyed the morning, presenting to the top achievers of Servicemasters, one of the largest industrial contract cleaning companies in the world. I delivered an overview of my “8 key strategies” for succesful business practice and demonstrated, once again, that the ground we cover in The Dental Business School is transferable into other professions. My most favourable impression was of the “spirit” of these franchise holders – nice people who clearly see themselves as part of an extended business family. Dinner on Monday evening was a rare pleasure. It’s looking very much as if I will be working with a group of 10 of them in 2007, applying the 8 strategies to their businesses – I am hopeful that the group will form (we had 8 definites yesterday and 2 non-attenders who have comfirmed) so I’m 90% certain. It occurs to me that there is a gap in the market for a “Franchise Holders Business School” – time – there is never enough time.

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