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Why we need the "L" as well as the "D" and the "AI"

Yesterday, Ashley Latter and I interviewed Ashley Byrne for the podcast (out soon) and focused on two subjects:

  • Innovation in digital workflow with special reference to video simulation;

  • Leadership (Ashley Byrne Dental Lab is 53 people).

Last night I hosted the latest in the Align Digital Excellence series, with Prof. Falk Schwendike and Dr. Ingo Barasel, demonstrating how to "Empower your dental practice utilising AI and digital diagnostics."

During the presentation we were given previews of the brand new "Align Oral Health Suite" and the even-newer Align X-Ray diagnostic system - pretty amazing stuff.

I know the "D" word is perhaps getting over-used, as well as the expression "AI-driven" - but one has to admit that we are living in an age of innovation.

More important than ever to be an early-adopter in the world of technology.

Ashley Byrne reminded us that it is equally important to innovate and early-adopt in leadership.

Just you wait - his story about 180 bacon rashers will be worth it. We need the "L" in leadership alongside the "D" and the "AI".

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