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Why the "Rule of 3" can save you a lot of trouble

Back in January 2014 I was "fortunate" to be taught survival skills training, prior to my escapades on 'The Island with Bear Grylls".

As part of that training, we were introduced to "The Rule of 3."

  • 3 seconds without thinking;

  • 3 minutes without air;

  • 3 hours without shade;

  • 3 days without water;

  • 3 weeks without food;

  • 3 months without company.

The most important of these was the first.

A jump across a gully without thinking.

Clearing a path and the swipe of a machete blade without thinking.

Over and over we were told - "just take 3 second to think before you act."

As I now read and listen to accounts of team disruptions, it seems that many such are caused when people either act or speak without thinking it through for 3 seconds.

A needle stick injury or "Covid incident".

A comment made that causes offence.

I've already commented that many of us are at breaking point.

No better time to consider the 3-second rule.

Next time - before you act or speak - just take 3 seconds to think about whether it is safe to do so.

It might just save you a lot of trouble.

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