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Why measuring things can help you build an amazing business (and save lives)

As part of a government strategy to improve air quality, Britain is to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 amid fears that rising levels of nitrogen oxide pose a major risk to public health. The Guardian

In the UK:

  1. It is estimated that air pollution causes 40,000 deaths a year

  2. 25,000 people a year die from smoking related heart and circulatory diseases

  3. to put that in context, 1,750 a year die as a result of road traffic accidents

Technology allows us to measure things more quickly and more accurately.

As those measurements present us with undeniable facts, they become a force for change.

Some 15 years ago I read a great book “Selling the Invisible – a field guide to modern marketing” by business author Harry Beckwith.

One phrase stood out and has been repeated ever since:

There is no performance without accountability and no accountability without measurement

It’s accountability and measurement that motivates responsible Governments to take action on pollution.

The same accountability and measurement is what ensures progress and evolution in a dental team.

I wrote about this for Practice Plan back in 2015

Think about these questions this morning:

  1. Do you measure?

  2. Do you hold people accountable?

  3. Does your team perform?

In 1992 it was impossible to imagine many features of the world we live in today.

It’s equally difficult to imagine a world full of driverless cars powered by electricity in 25 years from now.

In the meantime, why not imagine (and create) a world-class dental team who collaborate with you in a Champions League practice?

Everything is possible, given accountability and measurement.

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