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Why and how I’m going Cold Turkey in October

Do you ever get sick of the state you are in?

I seem to be accumulating tolerations at the moment and the other day it dawned on me that I’ve fallen into the trap of letting all those little things build up into a big thing.

I’m equally sick of listening to myself moan about it (and I’m sure there are some around me who would agree).

Here’s a list of my current tolerations:

  1. too many carbs – I’ve allowed beige food back into my nutrition and, as a result, I’m about 5Kg overweight and feel as if I’m carrying it around every day like sandbags strapped to my waist;

  2. too much alcohol – I’ve allowed red wine back into my life and, as a result, I’m feeling just that bit groggy every morning when I wake;

  3. not enough training – I need at least 200km of running in my legs every month and I’m not getting there, the result of which is painful marathons like last weekend;

  4. new Autumn clothes – I need a few new items of clothing – winter footwear, new jeans – and I’ve not booked the time with my fashion expert (a.k.a. Annie) to visit the shops;

  5. future cash flow projections – I need to focus on my 2018 Q1 cash flow and stop procrastinating about what my product offer will be;

  6. working too hard – even by my standards, the last few months have been full on – as a freelancer I count my blessings that I’m in demand but my time working ON my business has started to slip as the time working IN the business has expanded – short term gain, long term pain;

  7. not enough sleep – lights out at 22:45 and alarm at 05:00 eventually catches up on us all.

So I’ve finally become sufficiently sick of myself to do something about it – here’s what I’m doing (and this suits my psyche):


There’s some folks out there gearing themselves up for Sobertober – and I applaud that.


I’m going to the full cold turkey – I need/want the shock to my system – so I’m publicly declaring my intention that from Sunday 1st October it will be:

  1. Back on to full Paleo nutrition – no to bread, potato, pasta, rice – yes to meat, fish, bird, eggs, fruit, nuts, veg;

  2. No alcohol – a sobertober mixed in;

  3. A target of 250km (yes – let’s push it) of running in the month;

  4. Wardrobe – sorted by the 31st – new winter work clothes and shoes;

  5. Cash flow and work – I’ve hired a coach to coach me and I’ll be meeting with Rachel Turner for 2 consecutive days on 3rd and 4th October to sort out my 2018 business plan and beyond;

  6. Sleep – early as possible to bed (those 05:00 alarms will stay)

If it’s OK with you, I’ll journal my progress on social media.

I want to reboot my system.

Removing tolerations is one of the best ways in which we can all exercise extreme self-care.

Welcome to my ColdTurkeyTober.

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