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Why analysing your web stats is crucial in understanding your marketing reach

Some interesting observations from my own web stats for September - that could be of importance to you.

  • Average amount of time per visit - 1 minute 7 seconds - we have a very short space of time in which to get our message across;

  • 78% of visits via mobile - it's not about 27" iMac screens - your message has to be visible on the small screen;

  • My blog post on 29th September - "The £15 an hour minimum wage for dental nurses" created a huge spike in visits - a bold title for a post with a controversial message is periodically necessary to drive traffic;

  • 61% of my web and blog traffic came via Facebook - social media is the #1 most powerful form of marketing (and recruitment) communication.

A reminder to us all that checking our web stats regularly is very revealing and rewarding - allowing you to constantly adjust the aim of your marketing arrows.

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