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Where are The 100?

To satisfy my curiosity, Team CB have created this map, indicating the locations of the practices who have joined our 2022 coaching programme.

You'll see a couple in the Republic of Ireland and others in all the principalities of the United Kingdom.

Such is the real world that, on about 14th November, we were celebrating a "sell out", with 100 businesses registered.

Over the last couple of weeks, 2 have decided to pull out before the start, each for different and very valid personal and professional reasons.

So if you were interested and did think you had missed the boat - we now stand at 98 practices registered and we have 2 places available.

If you need reminder of the benefits of joining this community, please take 5 minutes to read our landing page at

We have released all the dates and agendas for our regional meetings and the online booking system for meetings in Q1 of '22 goes live in the next few days.

The agendas are attached below as you might want to take a sneaky peek at what we will be up to in our live events for clients.

I'm looking to replace clients 99 and 100 - let me know if you would like to join our community, either by completing the 60-second registration form on the landing page - or emailing me at

Let me help you put your practice on the map next year.

Training & Mastermind Day Agendas 2022
Download PDF • 60KB

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