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When you are in trouble……

When the proverbial hits the fan. When the crisis explodes. When the unexpected rocks your boat. When you don’t think you can see any way out of the maze. When the mountain looks to high to climb. When the support suddenly drops away. When you are alone and afraid. When you have crashed. You are never alone – call me. Its what I do. I could have been one of the Tracy brothers. Thunderbird 7 – the business coach and strategist. I will always stay calm and:

  1. contextualise the situation

  2. quantify the potential loss

  3. determine the solution

  4. examine the options

  5. decide the plan

  6. put together the time, money and people

  7. give the team the Henry V speech

  8. execute the plan

  9. never take my eye off the ball

  10. remind everyone that

  11. all problems exist in the absence of a good conversation

  12. other people’s opinions of you are irrelevant

  13. anyone who wants to stop your progress will be removed

  14. the solution is always to secure your cash flow

  15. you must make sales

  16. focus and simplify

  17. activity is the key

  18. ideas are a dime a dozen – sales pay the bills

  19. efficient is doing it right, effective is doing the right thing right

  20. it pays to get up earlier

  21. stay fit and organised, neat and tidy

  22. surround yourself with winners

  23. wisdom enters through the wound

You are never alone – call me. I am never too busy – call me. Everything is possible – call me. You have a bigger future – call me. Call me. Its what I do.

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