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What’s important?

It’s said that “sometimes you just cannot see the wood for the trees”.

Feeling a bit like that this week.

I’m up to date with emails – all clients and team questions answered – all coaching given.

And after a Hurculean effort on my part yesterday afternoon, my physical “in-tray” is looking much more manageable than it did on Monday at 6.00am.

But the Outlook task list still has loads of “to do’s” on it.

I closed all the technology down at 6.15pm last night and took a long look at the task list – using my intuition to estimate how much time it would take to complete everything – articles, projects, conversations, research and just pure thought.

My estimate was 4 days solid at the desk.

Problem – I have one full day left today (Thursday) and half-day on Friday – then I’m off on my travels again on Saturday.

Normal response at that point is to delegate – but I genuinely worked through the list and there is nothing that I can delegate that I haven’t – so it’s about the metaphorical tree being full of apples – but not knowing which one to pick first.

I’m going to have to do some serious prioritisation this morning.

To quote Tim Ferriss:

Are you inventing things to do to avoid the important?

I have to figure out what is really important.

On a positive note – an email from a dentist that attended my Newcastle gig the other day – to say “sign me up” for the DBS – that’s a cracking way to start my day.

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