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What my clients are telling me they want in 2018

There have been a couple of central themes about my client meetings in December (the last two of which will take place today – woo!).

  1. feedback that 2017 has been a great year for business – clients sharing stories of growth in sales and profitability;

  2. feedback that their 2018 goals are focused on stability and consistency in business, with a focus on improving their personal balance.

Part of my job is to spot trends, in business and in life.

The 2018 trend is around:

  1. Self – to be more careful and more mindful;

  2. Family – to invest quality time with them;

  3. Financial – to create peace of mind and more realistic drawings from the business (many of my clients don’t pay themselves enough for what they do);

  4. Social – to arrange more time with soulmates;

  5. Physical – to improve exercise, nutrition, sleep and general well-being;

  6. Intellectual – to read better books, rediscover music, return to creative hobbies, learn new things;

  7. Spiritual – to find those moments where there are no ear-buds, no notifications, no task lists – moments when you can become enraptured by “now”.

My clients aren’t just business machines – they have lives as well.

My effectiveness as a trainer, coach and mentor can be measured in many more ways than just bottom line profit.

Between now and New Year, you may have a few moments to think about your personal goals for next year – the attached may be helpful in getting that ball rolling.

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