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What makes me happy?

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In June 2015……..

Running and “in the zone”.

Absorbed in a great novel.

A client or friend says “thank you” because I made a difference.

A Saturday morning training run.

A Saturday evening kitchen party at home.

A Saturday evening at Danilos, Altrincham Market or Moose.

Walking the dogs with Annie.

A happy audience applauding.

My kids doing well.

Socialising with Annie and the kids.

A well-written writing assignment completed.

Having nothing to lose.

Listening to house music while I’m working on a train.


Bacon on toast.



Crossing the finish line after a marathon.

Wired magazine.

Intelligent Life magazine.

Elsie magazine.

Brain Pickings Weekly email newsletter.

Seth Godin’s blog.

The Defected Podcast.

The Anjunadeep Edition Podcast.

Anyone asking for a selfie with me.

Cresting the hill and that first sight of the harbour when arriving by taxi in the port of Vathi on the Greek Island of Ithaca.

Most of all…..

Peace of mind.

Making good decisions when I ask myself the following question:

“Is what I’m about to do going to increase or decrease the level of confusion and complexity in my life?”
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