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What does a typical Bunker day look like?

Today, I’m looking forward to an uninterrupted day in my basement office, The Barrow Bunker.

Days like this are very rare (this one has only happened because of a short-notice change of personal plans) and looking at the blank space in my calendar is making me feel excited.

This is what I’ll be doing today:

  1. overdue meeting follow up from last Friday (I normally do this quickly but a weekend away and 2 days vacation have interrupted my flow);

  2. analysis of two sets of accounts, one for a prospective purchase (is the price right?) and another for an existing client who want to understand their operating cost per surgery per day;

  3. calendar management – there are some folks asking to see me sooner rather than later and I have to interrogate my calendar and find some time – easier said;

  4. a video for Practice Plan to introduce my sessions at this year’s Showcase;

  5. connection with The Campbell Academy to discuss their (sold out) year-long business course, on which I am a visiting lecturer again in 2018;

  6. update on progress from another dentist who I’m helping carefully analyse a prospective purchase;

  7. a review of management job specifications for a large private clinic;

  8. an article for Private Dentistry magazine;

  9. preparation for my September newsletter;

  10. review of the latest slides for the Practice Plan Tour with Sheila Scott.

and, of course, answering emails as they arrive during the day.

I’ll be taking a lunch break today to read more of Cal Newport.

It’s 06:15 now and I’ve been at my desk since 05:00 catching up on overnight social media, reviewing the above list, getting my head around the day.

Now I’m off for a 10k run – realising that running is part of my Deep Work – I never listen to music or books – no earbuds – just the sounds around me and my thoughts for company.

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