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What do my clients want help with today?

Telephone call-in day has just concluded are here is a compendium of the main questions asked:

  1. What do you think of my new web site?

  2. How do I make a start on my personal fitness?

  3. Where do I start on time management?

  4. I have a practice manager who has a long-term illness – what next?

  5. Which practice management software should I look at?

  6. How do I improve my work/life balance?

  7. If I only work 2 days a week, how do I train my patients to accept those 2 days?

  8. What bonus should I pay to my practice manager?

  9. What should I target for next year’s bonus?

  10. What should be included on my referral card?

  11. Do I need a business card as well?

  12. Where do I get signage for surgery doors?

  13. I’m at maximum cruise financially – the right profit for this size of practice – what next?

  14. How do I make best use of a surgery that’s empty 3 days a week?

  15. Please can I test my elevator speech on you?

  16. The atmosphere at work is tense and I feel overwhelmed – help!

  17. Describe the most popular staff bonus systems you have seen.

  18. Sales are down and expenses are up – what’s the quickest way to solve this problem?

  19. We have started to convert to private – remind me of what to say to explain increased prices for treatment.

  20. Having converted to private we want to change our employment contracts – where do I start?

  21. How do I bring the children of my adult patients into private dentistry?

  22. What are your views on incorporation?

  23. Do you think all staff should be treated equally?

  24. Tell me all about staff bonuses.

  25. What’s the best content for our new patient newsletter?

  26. I’m thinking of selling my practice and becoming an associate – am I mad or sane?

  27. What criteria should I use to employ a marketing manager?

  28. How do I make more profit in less time – give me quick steps.

  29. My appointment book is too quiet – what do I do next?

  30. I’ve been to a presentation on Botox treatments – what do you think about including that in my product range?

  31. How much should I pay my new practice manager?

  32. We are re-branding with a new practice name and image in April – should I carry on marketing under the old name for the next 3 months?

I loved the last question – to which I replied “marketing is like breathing – I cannot think of a single reason to ever stop doing it.”All in a day’s work. As always, the call-in days give me a great R&D experience on what the “issues” are out there. Lot’s of talk about bonuses right now, as the year end approaches and clients are either paying them and/or announcing next year’s scheme.

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