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What are they searching for?

It is always worth a monthly check on Google Analytics to discover what the visitors to your web site were searching for when they began their research.

When I interrogate the data for my clients, I discover that most of the search terms were for the name of the clinician or the practice.

What conclusion do we draw from that?

Last night I lectured with Colin Campbell at Guy’s Hospital to help raise funds for Akshaya Patra, a charity that provides meals for 1.5 million children every day across 10 states of India.

I was fascinated to hear Colin tell the audience that in years of marketing investment that has included leaflet drops, paid media, advertising, direct marketing and just about every technique that we have ever heard of, the most effective marketing technique that The Campbell Clinic have ever used (with the highest ROI) has been:

  1. adopting the End of Treatment conversation mentioned in my October newsletter and

  2. printing some simple referral cards and their own End of Treatment Pack

When looking at Analytics, the team at The Campbell Clinic have discovered that most of the search terms incorporate some reference to “Colin Campbell”, “The Campbell Clinic” or the name of one of their other clinicians.

The conclusion that he draws is that Word of Mouth, either voluntary or requested, is their most successful source of new patients and new referring GDP’s (rapidly becoming #1 for The Campbell Academy as well).

It is essential to have a web site that captures data and converts leads and also to invest in the correct SEO, specifying the search terms and geographical locations on which you wish to focus.

Never, never lose sight of the fact that 2/3rds of your searches should be for real people and places and only 1/3rd for generic dental terminology such as “implants in your town”.

The new patients that you really want are the people who are looking for YOU, not looking for the thing that you do.

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