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What a week that was!

Actually, what a three weeks – because this weekend will be my first full two days at home since 2/3 October. Quite an amazing month in terms of new business, revenues (my best month in two years) and future opportunity.

  1. looking after my lovely clients

  2. training the first Tesco Instore team

  3. everything about The Showcase

  4. new web site up and running

  5. filming completed for the web site a few days ago (wait until you see it)

I am truly loving every day of it – the schedule is hard and sometimes I have the capacity to “lose it” in the third or fourth hotel room of the week. But considering what its like “out there” I have to count my blessings. Annie and I are going to have a couple of days rest and relaxation and I’ll be keeping away from the desk (sort of). But for now, I want to thank

  1. my wonderful support team

  2. my fabulous clients

  3. my beautiful family

  4. all my friends in dentistry

This isn’t a retirement speech – I’m just a happy bloke this morning.

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