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What a bloody awful place

Bristol workshop today – hard work because the delegates were in “startled rabbit mode” as I describe it. What that means is they are pretty overwhelmed with the radical nature of my presentation and sit there staring at me with eyes wide open as they take in the content. Years ago I used to panic and worry that I wasn’t getting through. Nowadays I realise that they adopt that pose when I am getting through. By 10.30am I was worried, by lunchtime determined, by 3.00pm confident and by 4.30pm delighted by the outcome and the feedback. The title of this blog entry is written as I wait in Bristol Airport for my flight to Edinburgh. The airport is crammed with Brits going on holiday with EasyJet and RyanAir – low cost airlines for low cost people. Its a cattle market and I am hiding in the corner with a few other tired business travellers, waiting to find comfort with British Airways. Trying to get a drink at the bar took a half hour, before the Polish barman (who couldn’t speak more than a few words of English) told me that they had no tonic for a G&T. The lager I ordered tastes like donkey pee and I’ve walked away from it. This is horrible – travel is not glamorous. Hopefully the Hilton in Edinburgh will be able to save me later on. I sit in a cocoon and wait for the call for my flight.

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