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Welcome to Extreme Business 2020, whatever your service level

May I first of all take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year and share my wish that 2020 becomes a “best year yet” for you.

The Extreme Business team, myself, Phillippa Goodwin and Rachel Barrow are geared up to continue providing you with the support you have chosen through our various service levels.

Our objective is to share with you the best practice ideas that I see as I travel around the dental community world-wide (every now and then, we may even come up with an idea or two ourselves).

There’s plenty of free stuff in our daily blogs, monthly podcasts (two of them) and these monthly newsletters.

Members of The Extreme Business Academy will enjoy another 36 hours of tutorials, interviews and webinars this year, as well as access to our growing back catalogue.

Those taking part in the Get Your Year in Gear programme (you can still sign up before the end of the day today!) will be on the receiving end of 31 task-based emails this month plus supporting material to turbo-charge their year.

Our Extreme Business Workshop programme kicks off this month with The Marketing Day in London and Manchester.

Those who have chosen Extreme Coaching will, in addition, be seeing me on-site multiple times during the year.

Whatever your level of engagement, we extend a welcome to you – let’s make a start.

PS. Our January Newsletter was sent out this morning – take a look here. If you would like to sign up to the Extreme Business monthly newsletter, please follow the button on our homepage at

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