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Wednesday riff

Get your Finances in Gear 2024:

Blimey! You certainly do want a free webinar series on financial analysis - thank you so much for the posts, DMs and emails that indicate how I touched a nerve in yesterday's blog post.

Over the days ahead I'll be planning that out with Phillippa and Rachel and will make a formal announcement ASAP.

My business coach:

06:38 rain to London this morning and my quarterly meeting with Rachel Turner. A special focus this time on development of The Extreme Business Academy e-learning platform. What we can do to make it bigger, better and more useful to many more people.


I have a number of meetings in London over the next few days, to discuss how I can collaborate with other KOLs in dentistry.

Reception Masterclass:

We have our biggest ever audience for an Extreme Business workshop on Thursday - and I just know that Michael Bentley will thrive on the audience, inspired to give his best.

Owner's Masterclass:

Equally, a record attendance for my Owner's Day on Friday, where we will be discussing how best to approach the next 90 days.


Annie will be joining me in London tomorrow for:

  • Dinner with friends on Thursday evening;

  • Plaza Suite with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on Friday evening;

  • Breakfast at The Ivy on Saturday morning, followed by a trip to the V&A and a date night.

Life is good.

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