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Webinars for dentists

Working with Andrew Gould of Dental Channel last night, presenting the first non-clinical webinar they have offered to their members. The technology was familiar to me, as I used to present webinars to coaches a few years ago, using the Webex system that allows those joining to see a live PowerPoint slide show (that I control), see me on my web cam (and I can see them), type into chat boxes to ask questions, give feedback or take polls – and, of course, use VOIP to speak to each other live. A hurried trip to Canary Wharf yesterday supplied me with the mike and earphones that were forgotten and – there I was, all technologied-up in my Docklands hotel room, with 15 guests, one of whom joined in from Africa. Our topic was customer service – that good old “Patient Journey” workshop. I have to say that I was impressed by the fact that even 15 UK dentists were able to access and use the service. This has rekindled my enthusiasm for webinars – I’ll be talking more to Andrew.

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