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We need a new Academy to create exceptional managers

Here’s an interesting extract from a client email received yesterday:

Chris you should create an Academy and train managers to become SH1T hot managers for dentists like myself to recruit

That, given my schedule and commitments, is unlikely to happen any time soon but it does highlight a problem that needs a solution and, hence, an opportunity in the marketplace.

I think it was Michael Gerber who said that “the objective of a business is to make a profit, the purpose of a business is to solve a problem, the goal of owning a business is to sell it”.

So there you are – for anyone who has the time, the people and the money – I’m gifting you a golden opportunity right now in UK dentistry (and, I suspect, farther afield) – to create a formalised training programme that generates modern-day managers who can handle every aspect of dental business management in an increasingly complex world.

Aspiring managers who:

  1. can dance with spreadsheets;

  2. believe in the positive power of social media;

  3. agree with the provision of excellent customer service;

  4. are super organised;

  5. have an obsessively tidy desk;

  6. are exceptionally self-confident

  7. get on well with people;

  8. can combine a firm head with a fair heart;

  9. are prepared to go the extra mile;

should apply.

Maybe if enough people did, I might change my mind and set something up?

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