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We just want to be Seth Godin

Much hilarity in the bar last night as we tried a few of Maurizio’s excellent cocktails and enjoyed having our eyes “read” by Paul, who is a qualified iridologist. It was good to have some chill time and not to talk about values, vision, goals and roles – in fact, to quote my recent suggested book title, it was nice to spend the evening being “meaningless”! My eyes told Paul that my diet is completely wrong, my liquid intake is wrong and my lifestyle is wrong. Mind you, if you were to look into my eyes most mornings in the bathroom mirror, I think you’d guess that anyway. And I just want to prove that my client DID eat my fritters:

We have a full day of coaching coming up, following which I’ll be dashing straight off to the airport for an overnight flight back to the UK. My sojourn in Canada draws to a close – I think I’ve had enough of my own company now but I have massively enjoyed the company of my fellow coaches and return with a new head-full of ideas on how to evolve my business.

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