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Walk away

There is a moment when you have been working hard for a few days – totally focused and getting through all the difficult tasks – and the moment arrives. Burned out. Staring at the computer screen with a fuzzy feeling in the head. Unable to focus, concentrate or prioritise. Shoving paper around the desk aimlessly. Procrastinating. Doing stupid tasks that don’t matter. Looking at my Facebook site…. Mojo gone. This is my moment. 2.15pm on Thursday afternoon. The last two hours I have been useless. I have become a liability to myself and those who depend upon me for quick thinking and clarity. I’m going to mow my lawn…. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning after some rest, fresh air, good conversation and a good night’s sleep. As Seth Godin would say, “sometimes quitting is a winning policy”. I quit for today.

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