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Goodness me, it was a very long drive from Swansea to Farnham, Surrey this morning – I had no idea Swansea was so far from the English border! Today a break from routine and a 5-hour conversation with one of my most successful dental clients and co-creator of “Get your practice finances in gear”, Tim Thackrah of Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic. What a wonderfully professional conversation – centered on our vision of a franchise concept in dentistry based on the book I recently read (and I haven’t told you the title yet!). This could facilitate my own transition from practitioner to entrepreneur – but don’t panic because that will take at least three years and I’ll be doing plenty of my “normal coaching” between now and then. Southampton tonight for Talking Points in Dentistry – another big room full of chairs when I peeked in at 4.00pm. I’ll be there later, the man in black, doing that thing I do for the penultimate time. I’m starting to forget which room, floor, hotel and city I am in. I left my room this afternoon to pop downstairs, turned towards the lifts and walked quite a way before I realised that I was heading in the wrong direction – towards the lifts of a hotel from last week. No wonder rock groups trash their rooms – I can see why. Finally, a quick word of praise for our sponsors for this event, GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline), whose team have been consumately professional throughout – and for our fabulous AV guys – nothing has been too much trouble and they have had the awful job of dismantling stage, sound and light at 10.00pm every night and often driving through the night to the next venue – we “superstars” walk in the next evening and there it all is again – and they have been smiling all the way – priceless.

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