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USP’s in independent dentistry – what separates the great from the good – a free F

What makes a dental business stand out from the crowd?

What are their unique selling propositions?

I was recently musing on the strategies and tactics that differentiate the absolute greats in the business of dentistry from the good and the rest.

Out came my Livescribe pen and the magic Moleskine notebook so that the list could begin to take shape.

This involved thinking about the truly great clients I’ve been blessed to work with over the last 20 years.

Before completing the list I also asked my existing clients if they had any additions – some of them originated there (and thank you).

Available here as a free download is a list of 27 habits against which you might like to check your own business.

If any of the USP’s require further explanation, just email me at and I’ll happily explain.

If you can think of anything I’ve missed, please do tell as I can update and add to the list very easily.

You can download USP’s in independent dentistry here: 02257 CB USP’s in Independent Dentistry FINAL

This infographic will also shortly be available as a free download from my web site, along with a number of others that I’m developing as a library of business sales aides – you can view that library HERE.

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