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I confess to being burned out by the last 5 weeks of work, during which I have enjoyed a total of 4 days at home, none of which have been consecutive.

Chatting to Tim Caudrelier last night, me at Luxembourg Airport and he driving across Northern Ireland to catch a flight home, we congratulated ourselves on a record month for sales and profitability and commiserated that we are busy working “in” the business but not enough “on” the business.

“Physician heal thyself” you might say.

Fair point.

Actually, it has been a combination of unusual events that have conspired to create our current dilemma:

  1. my mysterious 5 weeks off work in Jan/Feb (all will be revealed in a few weeks from now)

  2. Tim’s new baby daughter

  3. a lot of interest in business coaching from across the spectrum of dentistry

  4. the spectacular results we are getting for the clients who are using MagicBox

  5. the preparation of a new mobile app and web site for 7connections (the latter soon to be launched)

  6. a lot of conversations about new content and products that we have under our hat for later this year

  7. continuous speaking invitations

  8. the rest of the 7connections team working flat out to support clients and ourselves

  9. the publication of 2 new books – Profitable Dental Practice (already out there) and The E-Myth Dentist, co-authored with Michael Gerber and very soon to be published

  10. and, of course, by no means least, an active client base with whom we are working more closely than I have ever experienced, especially the T20 members. I am realising that monthly visits with clients generate the most rapid and significant growth in their businesses that I have witnessed in 21 years

So all in all, its no surprise that Phillippa has been trying to weave her way through the maze called our calendars and make it all fit – a “mission impossible” that she takes in her stride and makes possible.

A business coach would say to us – “re-organise your calendars so that you have ample time to work "on” the business – learn to say “no” – prioritise – have strong boundaries – plan carefully – connect with your vision – take plenty of time to rest and to have good conversations.

All true.

However – as Stephen Covey said in the original introduction to “7 habits” – sometimes it is harvest time – and you just have to get spotlights on the harvester and keep going through the night to get the crops in.

I have a sense that we are going through that period right now – a far cry from 15 months ago when we were heading for Armageddon in a former life (and I count my blessings most days).

I keep getting asked “how do you keep going?”

My answer is always “keep going with what?”

I love the travel, the schedule, the clients, the industry – I love pretty much everything about my work.

I also hear “I’m sorry to interrupt you because I know how busy you are.” Even from clients!

My answer is always “if you want something doing, ask a busy man.”

I’m not too busy – I’m busy – and I ALWAYS have the time to listen so please keep asking.

For now – some chill time this weekend (and this counts as chillin’) and a reflection on how good a year 2014 has been so far.

You ain’t seen nothing yet……

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