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Just about time to wind down for the holiday weekend. Dinner soon and the unusual pleasure of Thursday NOT being a school night.

This afternoon Annie and I visited with our friends at ApexHub in Liverpool – she to check in at work and me to chat with Marita and the team over the last few snags to the 7connections web site.

We have delayed the launch of the site (again) because of my perfection paralysis – but I think the wait will be worth it as we discussed a tweak to the home page that will make the visitor experience even richer.

Excited about the site as we have made it FOR the visitor and not ABOUT how wonderful we are. Full of resources. You will see.

Driving back, I had the good sense to take the “long route” across The Bridge at Runcorn and back east along the M56.

No surprise to cross the M6 and see a car park in both directions – business commuters, haulage drivers, the white van mob, caravans and holiday-makers all competing for the same narrow stretch of tarmac that can take them North or South home or to their vacation destination.

No thanks.

Although, I must admit, we do intend a dash to Anglesey tomorrow lunchtime to visit a good mate and give the dogs some sea air – but back tomorrow night to shut the shop for the weekend and just enjoy Hale and The Bollin Valley (apart from Spidey 2 on Sunday evening).

I want to catch up on exercise, reading, SLEEP and some good fun – but I already know that I’ll be tempted back down into The Bunker because I don’t have any kids to worry about.

Funny how things change as you get older and the family become adults.

The road we travel becomes different as the years pass.

I’ll miss a few beers with Jon as he is straight off the plane from Arizona and up to The Lakes by train to spend some time with Abi’s family (his lovely girlfriend). Two kids in London – and probably one working most of the weekend, another looking for new digs.

It will most likely be a relatively quiet weekend, enjoying some rest before it all starts again – including a 9-day tour away from home that will start next Wednesday – incorporating trips to Romania and Luxembourg as well as an important date with destiny in London on 28th – I’ll keep you posted on what will be the start of an amazing “once in a lifetime” event in May.

For now – I genuinely wish you a weekend of happiness, connection and balance – and hopefully not too many traffic jams.

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