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So the best kept secret since who shot JR is finally out – that I am one of the “blokes” who was dropped on a desert island for a month by Bear Grylls and we will be starting the series next Monday 5th May at 21:00 (so you will have to record Game of Thrones).

I’ve been dying to tell you “all about it” but we have been embargoed until now by the lovely folks at Shine TV and Channel 4 as they didn’t want any pre-publicity until they were ready.

This morning I had the pleasure of watching a draft version of Episode 1 (of 5) and have to congratulate the editing team who have had the challenge of turning 2500+ hours of our footage (we filmed ourselves) to create less than 5 hours of drama.

Judging by Episode 1, they have captured the essence and the spirit of the experience – I had goose-bumps watching.

The careful observationist will know that there was some negative press last week about the show (and BG) being “sexist” by not inviting women. The idea of a women-only version is being discussed but greater powers than us will make that decision – and to some extent that will depend on our ratings – not even my extensive social media connections will ensure that success.

For now – this was a social experiment designed to explore the notion of 21st century British masculinity – and whether the age of the internet and affluenza has made us all a bit soft.

All will be revealed but I can guarantee the viewer entertainment, drama, dark humour, scenes of suffering and a lot of very bad language.

The metaphors for life and business are endless and I have asked the powers that be whether I could pen a business book based on my adventure – in discussion.

What I do want to do is take this opportunity of thanking Annie, my kids, the team at 7connections and our wonderful clients – for allowing me the 5 weeks I was away for the filming.

It has changed my life a lot – and I’m hoping that now the veil has been lifted, I’ll be able to share some of that with you.

However, this amount of publicity will bring risks – the trolls, the nut-jobs and the socio-mediapaths will, no doubt, be out in force – and we are watching carefully to protect ourselves.

Remember, 28 days on a desert island with little food or water, in the clothes we arrived with. Maybe I said something, or one of the guys says something, that may be disagreeable. 

We weren’t there to win any votes or a competition – this wasn’t a reality show or a game show – it was the real deal – as you will see.

Stay tuned.

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