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It has been a day of great pleasures here in Luxembourg, not the least of which was, without doubt, the most delicious panna cotta I have ever enjoyed at Pavillon Madeleine, one of Lea Linster’s restaurants.

I am a lucky guy – I appreciate that – getting to work not only with a superb team and a group of world-class dentists but also an award-winning celebrity chef, whose philosophy is teaching me a lot of transferable knowledge about passion, commitment and customer service.

The trade off is that I am teaching her and son Louis about smart technology, permission marketing and brand tribalism. We have big plans.

A FaceTime this evening with Tim Caudrelier about the opportunities before us in coaching, in lead generation systems and in strategic alliances.

Just now, we discussed relationships in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Luxembourg, Romania, Brazil and Australia – and our need to resource the business with the three essentials (time, money, people) to make worthwhile hay whilst the sun is shining brightly.

7connections is a rapidly expanding small business – and the dangers are clear – running before we can walk, over-trading, making promises that cannot be kept.

We are aware of those risks and plotting a safe course through, with a huge eye on our existing clients, without whose loyalty we could not be where we are today.

Can you believe it is May tomorrow? Where did that go?

Admittedly I have had some time off – but even so the clock seems to be racing.

The TV show has been resonating in the background all day – like the vibration of a distant generator. When you are busy you cannot sense it – but every time you pause – there it is, humming away, creating a small ripple in the fabric of normality.

The national press are still running with the sexist theme, including a particularly fascinating attempt by The Guardian to be nasty, which sadly only managed to be puerile and thus lost its impact (I could have done better).

There is a great video on the Channel 4 website for the programme that peers backstage at the technology behind the show – take a look as it will give you an insight into the huge, almost military, operation required to simply make the show happen, as well as ensure our safety in a high risk environment.

The dental press joined in today (more to follow) with simple reportage – but that, of course, can create a platform for the “usual suspects” to parade their historic prejudices.

So far, the whiners have been very quiet but I was amused by a pictorial representation of me as Gollum on Kevin Rose’s Facebook page (friend Kevin and go take a look)  – it actually did look like me after 28 days of deprivation (Andy Serkis watch out).

That apart, the calm before the storm I think as, when the show goes live, I’m sure there will be plenty of opinion on the strategic and tactical decisions we made, the relationships we forged and the opinions we express (as moulded by the editing team).

Nobody knows how we will appear, except the good folks who, as I write this, are working away in editing suites across London – working against the clock to create the TV they think that you want to see.

The 13 of “us” are at their mercy.

How exciting.

In the meantime, I’m in my Luxembourg hotel on day 8 of a 10-day tour, feeling exceptionally lonely and missing the comforts and the people at home. Thus, sometimes, you communicate by catharsis – hence this post.

2 more days until I get back – flying to London at day-break tomorrow for a couple of very busy days.

I’m going to watch the football for a bit – then retire, thinking of opportunity, celebrity and panna cotta.

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