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So I’ve decided on a new theme for my Tumblr blog – largely to amuse myself and also stimulate a reactivation of my personal blogging.

I have to admit that the decision to take down my posts on The Island last week was very necessary but difficult.

There is a feeling of defeat and frustration when the tabloid hacks force a situation where “free speech” becomes dangerous. I was happy to assist the good folks at Shine TV and Channel 4 – and their advice has been in many ways vindicated as the “feminist and fake” period now seems to have passed and people are getting on with enjoying The Show.

Last week’s “Ryangate” episode has made him a national celebrity with the 16-35 audience – he and Deano can’t go far without stirring up a reaction.

For us “oldies” the response from our peers has, I think, been predictably measured, although “our Tony” has caused a stir.

My invitation to speak to a Scout Group has been added to by a dental conference invitation to talk about my experiences on The Island and, finally, I was recognised on the trains to and from London last Saturday and cross-examined for 90 minutes by one lovely couple who wanted to know all about everything.

As the social media junkies will know, Saturday in London was about filming interviews for a bonus Episode 6 that will form part two of a double-bill next week when the whole saga draws to a close.

We are told that the viewing figures have exceeded all expectations – a success – and there is something of a rosy glow at the thought of that.

So – our “15-minutes of fame” is likely to come to an end in just 7 days – and then it will be each of us back into real life.

I wonder who, if any, will make something more of it?

Ryan for Big Brother? Deano for The X-Factor? Who knows.

It was fun seeing some of the guys over the weekend, although I did decline an invitation to join them on a Saturday night out – simply because my travel schedule in recent weeks has been so hectic that I genuinely wanted some quality time with Annie – and our Saturday night in is a bit legendary.

Work at 7connections is bonkers good – the emails keep coming in from prospective clients and strategic alliance partners. We have so much opportunity around us at the moment that we have to be careful not to stretch too thin – and we have agreed at Board level to seek an operations manager to help us “manage” the work flow.

Personally, I was telling Paul Tipton over coffee at Costa this morning that I haven’t been this happy in my personal and professional life for a very long time.

Life really is a blast and 2014 has already been a year to remember, with the TV show, two books and a super successful business. Yet to come – a trip to Tanzania in August to see our many friends at Bridge2Aid and a summer calendar packed with client meetings.

Not bad for a team who emerged from a train-wreck in February 2013.

What I do need to focus on is my health and nutrition – I’ve been playing at it since we got back from The Island and I feel its time to get back on Paleo proper and up the running.

After all, I’m not getting any younger.

So – here I am again – suitably cautious about telling too many stories about the show – but in the habit of thinking out loud and sharing my reflections.

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