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I am very pleased and proud that my eldest daughter Rachel today joins her brother Jon on the 7connections website team page.

Rachel has just completed her second year at Queen Mary, London, studying International Relations and accepted our offer of a marketing internship for the summer.

My expectation was that her 3 months in situ would be just about enough time to understand the complexities of our business.

That probably says more about me than her, as after 2 weeks she is already stepping up to the plate and assisting Jon with our own marketing.

The beauty of this is that it frees Jon’s time up to continue building the architecture for our bespoke dental lead generation systems – a mammoth task over the months ahead.

Rachel attended last week’s marketing meeting at the offices of ApexHub in Liverpool and today’s virtual team meeting on GTM (Go To Meeting), giving the rest of the team feedback on the highs and lows of her first fortnight.

A very nice moment for Dad, seeing two of his children holding their own and sharing the adventure.

I’ve seen a lot of playboys and playgirls lazing around in clients’ businesses over the last 30 years, many with silver spoons obstructing their progress.

Not so in the case of my own 5 children, all of whom know what hard work looks and feels like.

I don’t need to be proud of their achievements – they have nothing to prove to me – but I am proud of their work ethic – every one of them.

It is a great privilege to be able to work with two of them right now.

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