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The Uncompromised Business

What is your response when:

  1. a prospective patient tells you that they like your treatment plan but they can get a better price elsewhere?

  2. a prospective new or existing employee or sub-contractor tells you that they have been offered a higher salary/fee/percentage at another place?

  3. a prospective coaching client tells you that another coach has offered to get there quicker or charge less?


…wish them all the best and wave goodbye.

You see, if you make a “better offer” they have seen you compromise for business – and they know they can ask you to do the same over and over again.

The compromise makes you look weak and it gives them permission to repeat.

You can never trust them again – but neither can they trust you – because your first offer was clearly a lie.

Its tough isn’t it?

80% of the time I stick to my guns and say “no compromise”.

20% of the time I forget my own standards and give in. 

When I compromise, it always costs me emotional energy, time and money.

The love has left the room and the name becomes a heartsink in my calendar – the relationship eats me, it doesn’t feed me.

Don’t compromise.


(except when you forget)

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