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Understanding people – probably the biggest challenge that we all face

I recently polled the members of my private Facebook group – The Extreme Business Forum – asking them for three favourite subjects that they would like me to cover in a series of one-hour tutorials I’m putting together.

The clear winner was a request for any information on how to make teams work.

Second, tips on how to attract and retain the right patients.

So it seems that those who responded weren’t looking for help with business systems, so much as to understand people.

That’s a subject that fascinates me more than any other.

Whether I’m in conversation with clients in Melbourne, Mumbai, Milan or Maidstone – we seem to cover very similar ground:

  1. How do I find good people?

  2. How do I create an environment in which my people work together?

  3. How do I find good patients?

  4. How do I keep my patients happy and enrol them as ambassadors?

  5. p.s. How do I deal with bad people?


I’ll be giving that some thought as I plan my schedule of tutorials for the months ahead.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comprehensive guide to understanding what makes people tick?

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