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UE – developing the user experience in your business

The Australia Diary was fun to write and I’m very grateful for the numerous emails and messages I’ve had from those who enjoyed following my adventures – thank you.

Back to normal life now – I took a day off blogging yesterday as my Bunker Day was all about getting my head back in the game, including lengthy conversations with Phillippa Goodwin (business manager) and Kim Black (IT manager) on my development plans for the coming months. I’ll also be meeting my daughter Rachel in London tomorrow as she is doing some freelance research work for me.

Planning, planning, planning – it never seems to end and I have been planning 2019 all this year, with a special focus since Friday 13th July – that was the day my 2019 calendar was completed.

2019 – Free, Focus and Bunker Days

At the moment, I’m still internally wrestling with the structure of the new membership site I want to launch in October, The Coach Barrow Tribe.

You would think that a relatively straight-forward process but the reality is proving different and difficult.

I’m thinking deeply about the UE – the user experience – what will it be like for dental principals and team members when they see the membership site and how will I make their journey into the site and as members streamlined and effortless – so that membership becomes a useful “no-brainer”?

Sadly, I spent a lot of last night tossing and turning in bed and dreaming about what the site has to deliver – part of my jet-lag recovery.

Have you ever had that BIG IDEA that seems to drive endlessly round a roundabout in your head before the correct exit manifests itself?

I’ve been doing that for weeks now and I’m still not sure of the right way forward – to the point that I’m getting frustrated with myself.

Hopefully a few more conversations with Team CB and a little more research will get me there.

Which brings me to you and your business.

We all have to deliver a remarkable UE (user experience) nowadays, because we are in competition with all the distractions in our clients/patients lives and all the other ways they can spend their money.

If I may hark back to the Australian workshops, we interrogated everybody’s UE (otherwise known as The New Patient Experience and The Existing Patient Journey), discovering that there were numerous areas in which improvement could be made.

I respectfully suggest that the same applies to you and your business.

Adequate is no longer adequate

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