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UAP’s in Edinburgh

Met with my old friend, financial planner Max Horne, for dinner last night.First off, drinks at The Dome and we joined the many assembled, oggling at the £25,000 of Christmas decorations inside the banking hall turned bar – simply beautiful.

Next door for dinner at Le Monde.

Here is a prefect example of a commodity (a meal) turned into a Unique Ability® process:

  1. A choice of four places to eat in the hotel

  2. Eat in Milan

  3. Eat in Vienna

  4. Eat in Paris

  5. Eat in Shanghai

Anybody else might have stated that they served Italian, Austrian, French or Chinese food.

But not here.

They have created four seperate “experiences”.

Last night we wined, dined, talked and laughed in Paris – a fabulous fun evening.

So now I’m starting to see UAP’s around me.

Walking back to the Caley last night, the Edinburgh skyline was stunning – the trees in the park festooned with lights, the castle illuminated- surely one of the most romantic and beautiful city-scapes in the world.�

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