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Two Reds Are Better Than One Season 3 Episode 5 – It’s not about where you start in life

If you love inspirational stories and quotes then you will love this podcast.

In this latest podcast we interviewed Susie Anderson-Sharkey from Dental FX. Susie has been a Practice Manager for over 28 years and shares her experiences and tips on what it takes to be a successful Practice Manager in 2019.

You will learn;

  1. Tips on how to grow your people and to get the best out of your team

  2. How to recruit the best people for your Practice

  3. How to embrace digital dentistry

  4. The importance of life-long learning and being pro-active

  5. How to maintain enthusiasm and passion for your job every day

  6. Having purpose in your life


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Episode Length: 44 minutes 14 seconds

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