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Two new customer service sites

I’m thinking of registering a couple of new domain names: – would be where you can go to report organisations that just pass you from “pillar to post” when you are trying to get some service. My 2007 favourites are HSBC Bank and Air South West. would be where you can record examples of great customer service – companies (like Dyson) where you feel as if they are quite happy to deal with you “face to face” and are proud of their products, services and customer service standards. Sadly – both of those sites are already in use by other organisations. I’d also like to nominate some F2F heroes from the last few days:

  1. the young lady at the check-in desk in Gatwick on December 22nd, who made it her business to make sure that a cancelled Air South West flight from the evening before was re-confirmed;

  2. Dave Beswick at Mann Island Finance who took a personal interest in making sure my BMW was ready for Christmas and

  3. all the team at Ocean BMW in Falmouth – who made my purchase a pleasure.

Perhaps we should create some kind of award programme – for customer service heroes?

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