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Trending on Tuesday 6th October 2020

Here's what my clients are telling me in their weekly progress reports:

  1. I've been pleasantly surprised at the number who have reported that September 2020 was their best ever month for production. That's not just better than August or better than the same time last year - that's BEST EVER. That appears to be a reaction to satisfying pent up demand from existing and new patients and streamlining the patient experience and SOPs;

  2. As mobility in the dental workforce continues, new team members are increasingly being recruited from outside of dentistry, because they have right ATTITUDE, if not the appropriate skill. I'm very busy with our Marketing & TCO Development programme, as well as with newbie Managers, teaching the basics to people who have arrived from the retail and hospitality world;

  3. We are Zooming ahead into the world of video consultations and MAMA MIA dentistry (minimal attendance, minimal aerosol, minimal invasive, aesthetic dentistry);

  4. There are still some team members who are stowaways on the bus. They should have left but they haven't;

  5. Too many of my clients are working weekends to catch up (and so did I for the last two).

I'm going to share four words that, for me, sum up the winners in this new world:

  • Resilient - able to weather the storm and keep on bouncing back;

  • Innovative - ready to embrace change;

  • Communicative - constantly listening and ready to lead;

  • Agile - capable of pivoting quickly when the landscape changes.

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