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TRBO Season #002 Episode #009: Interview with Jas Gill

Welcome to Two Reds are Better than One – the Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter Podcast.

Chris and Ashley interview Jas Gill, a Dentist in Slough.

Dr. Jas Gill qualified from Kings College Dental School, London in 1995, where he achieved his Bachelor of Dental Surgery. He is committed to further education and in 1997, completed a further Diploma in General Dental Practice. Following his qualification, he spent 13 years gaining experience in a dental practice in West London before buying his own practice in Slough in 2006. In 2008 Dr. Gill purchased a practice in Poole and in early 2009 he purchased Shinfield Dental Centre. Dr. Gill has a vested interest in new treatments, especially cosmetic options, and adult orthodontics, and he enjoys implementing new treatments leading to patients gaining their ideal smile.

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Episode Length: 43 minutes, 08 seconds

In This Episode:

  1. 04:35 – Tell us about yourself

  2. 10:24 – Why did you choose Slough?

  3. 12:41 – Why do you get so many 6 Month Smile patients?

  4. 14:36 – Do you work with a Treatment Coordinator?

  5. 18:14 – What marketing methods draw your patients?

  6. 19:39 – How and when do you ask for referrals?

  7. 23:07 – What about competition?

  8. 25:59 – How have you created opportunities with implants?

  9. 32:03 – How did Ashley choose to bring in Jas?

  10. 36:25 – Talk about 2018

  11. 39:55 – What advice would you give to a new dentist?

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