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TRBO Season #001 Episode #004: How to Increase Your Profitability

Welcome to this episode of Two Reds are Better than One. Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter discuss how to increase your sales and profitability.

Chris and Ashley put on their dental garb and discuss techniques they could use as dentists to increase their profitability.

You can listen to the podcast episodes using your favorite player or where we publish them on Libsyn. You can also catch the latest episode here on my blog and over on Ashley Latter’s website as well. To listen to each episode as we release them, be sure to subscribe via iTunes, Sticher or Google Play.

If you use an iPhone and you want to have an easier method to keep up with the podcast episodes, we recommend using an app on your phone called Downcast. The great thing about Downcast is the ability to listen to podcasts directly on your phone or computer as the episodes are released. If you use an Android phone, we recommend Pocket Player.

In This Episode:

  1. 0:00:Chris and Ashley in the Barrow Bunker.

  2. 2:13:Ashley comments on Chris’ library.

  3. 5:31:Ashley recommends an interview of Harvey Mackay by Jay Abraham.

  4. 8:05:The concept of doubling your sales and profitability.

  5. 11:28:Ashley’s take on how to increase profitability.

  6. 20:32:Chris’ take on how to increase profitability.

  7. 36:46:How to solve the unanswered phone issue.

  8. 43:21:Back to the Two Reds

  9. 44:30:Chris and Ashley offer homework for the podcast listener.


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