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I can’t believe it’s Thursday and I haven’t written a blog post all week! The reason is – just sheer workload and travel – Monday/Tuesday Edinburgh, Wednesday Gateshead, Leeds today and Birmingham tomorrow. Arrive hotel mid-evening, unpack, change clothes, bar snack, bed, wake at 5.30am, shave, shower, dress, emails, breakfast, set up workshop room, deliver workshop, load car, drive, arrive hotel mid-evening… There’s not much else to it. But the good (no GREAT) news is that this is my last week of serious travel before a big August slow-down. Next week will be 4 days in Falmouth and then a quick trip to London at the end of the week before I switch off for 2 weeks holiday, including a return to Ithaka and a week of relaxation and boating – bring it on. This working week began in Edinburgh – where the Festival is in full swing – swarming with tourists and focused on the main exhibition of this year’s event – an Andy Warhol tribute, to celebrate what would have been his 80th birthday.

  1. a smile

  2. a mission – and the mission is to always use the following phrase:

No problem, leave it with me, I’ll get it sorted

Simple stuff really – you wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to find sometimes.

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