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Travel, coaching and mates

  1. Creating the organisational structure for my business in 3 years from now – an increase from a support team of 2 to a support team of 25!

  2. Realising that I have to creatively destroy The Dental Business School in 2008 and re-design “everything”;

  3. Understanding that the material we deliver and the internal systems that we employ have to be turned into a series of turnkey processes;

  4. Admitting that I have neglected my lead conversion systems in the last 3 months and have to get back in control quickly.

The room at The Savoy was awful – a basement bunker of grandeur but with no natural light – so by 3.00pm I was brain-dead and washed out – but the morning session was a period of incredible productivity. The hotel is, of course, one of London’s finest.

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