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Training your Business Development Manager - the exchange visit - part 2

You'll recall that, last week, I mentioned an "exchange visit" - the daughter of one of my clients visiting another client's BDM to "learn the ropes".

I asked them for some feedback on the experience - and here's what they had to say.

Existing BDM - Adam Connell at Lytham Dental Care

A fantastic day was held with myself training a future new Business Development Manager on how to run a successful dental practice. Throughout the day it was focused on keeping organised to improve efficiency and productivity within the practice, cadence of meeting structures and agendas and how to run a successful daily huddle to get your team motivated for the day.

Then focusing on KPI Management and Trackers of New Patient Numbers and analysing, Conversion Metrics, Plan Members sign ups and the importance and push for Google Reviews.

Also, how to get the most out of your clinic with reviewing surgery occupancy and how to build upon this to increase turnover.

Time was also spent on the financials of the business, cash flow management, when to pay invoices at the right time for the business using P&L spreadsheets and running a slick invoicing system.

Also reviewing how to keep on top of patient bad debts with systems in place for the team to review and action.

HR Management was also covered in the day - recruitment and how to recruit effectively, keeping compliant with all staff files and induction processes.

Staff Retention was also a key aspect on bringing the use of pay scales into the business on how staff can develop and see where they can grow themselves within the business and the importance of staff benefits.

The end of the day was spent on how to communicate to the directors of the business with a weekly review of KPI’s and financial aspects - how the business is performing each week and what actions need addressing. This means the full leadership team knows the direction in the way the business is heading.

A key takeaway from the day for the New Business Development Manager was the importance of measuring your business and knowing your numbers and having systems in place to control and track this.

Potential new BDM - Dhianna Hindocha - Total Dental (Leicester)

I had the pleasure of an immersive learning experience shadowing Adam Connell, Business Development Manager at Lytham Dental practice.

We covered a structured, comprehensive itinerary including daily tasks perfectly encapsulating the role of a business manager.

A step-by-step approach was taken to cement my understanding of each KPI, the most efficient way of measuring it including templates and most importantly how this translates to optimum business productivity.

Adam explains the fundamentals of the role, why it is at the core of daily dental business, how it works successfully, and you’ll benefit from seeing Lytham Dental as a prime example. You’ll be guided through the minefield of headaches that come with dental management by learning how to revolutionise your recruitment process saving time and money, manage team member admin and crucially detailed analysis of financials.

Marketing tracking, creating an elite FOH system with materials shared as well the optimum practice cadence are all covered thoroughly.

I would highly recommend this day to any individual interested or currently in a dental business manager role as it provides endless insights and methods to improve your efficiency within your role.

Overall, this day has been an invaluable experience guiding me towards a gold standard level of dental business management.

It provides in depth teaching on the most productive ways of performing the role for optimal financial management and efficiency. I am nonclinical in a dental sense however I would equally urge dental owners and management teams to attend as it will refocus you on the fundamental principles of running a successful dental practice and transform your internal processes.


I mentioned in my last post that we are encouraging more of these visits within The Extreme Business 100 community, as part of our membership benefits.

I know that Adam is happy to offer the same service outside of our client base - so if you think you would benefit from this, go ahead and contact him for prices and availability.

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