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Toronto, Leadership and Growing the Business

Well the journey finally took 21 hours door to door and I’m feeling pretty groggy in Toronto this morning. Woke at 5.30am, ran along the lakeside for a while and I’m just catching up on emails before we begin our 3-day coaches Intensive here at The Fairmont Royal York. There is a very nice Second Cup coffee store just next door, where I have enjoyed a cappuccino and low-fat muffin whilst reading my latest book, “How to Lead” by Jo Owen. My mind is heading in the direction of leadership – I am thinking about not “having to do things” but “finding people who can do things” and leading them. In my own businesses there are a few core activities that, when executed well, make ALL the difference. They can be sumarised as: 1. adding quality readers to our ezines; 2. getting really good speaking “gigs” for CB; 3. Lead conversion – turning interested prospects into paying clients 4. Product development – making sure the existing workshops function well and adding to our virtual product line in The Online Business School I reflect that all of the activities currently grow by themselves – there is very little “push” marketing going on – its nearly all “pull”. I would like to add people to Team CB who can do a little more “push” because, at the end of the day, I have a business that struggles with 65 clients, survives with 85 clients, prospers with 100 clients, celebrates with 120 clients and becomes a cash cow with any more than that. At the moment I am working with about 85-100 clients across the two businesses – that still makes us a high-grossing practice but there just isn’t enough fat on the bone to reinvest and develop. I need more clients and I need some people to help me recruit more clients on a success-only basis (commissions). The hunt is on – let me know by email to if you would fit the bill or know someone who would.

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