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Here’s a formula to open a brand new private squat and recruit 218 new patients in the first 6 weeks (during a recession and in the middle of a three-month snow storm).

  1. Plan carefully – spend 12 months building the detail

  2. Get the right external advisors involved early

  3. Location, location, location – a demographic that wants what you like to do

  4. A need – for quality private dentistry in an affluent town

  5. Footfall or drive by – make sure plenty of people can see you

  6. Selected local advertising

  7. Hiring the right people (in this case, mature, intelligent, articulate and well-presented people on reception and in nursing)

  8. Branding – a strong and distinctive brand

  9. Environment – lovely concierge class premises in a small and slightly out of town office unit

  10. Parking – easy and plenty

  11. Availability – no waiting times for appointments (i know that will change – we were discussing the same)

  12. Bring in business heads – in this case a brother who is a talented lawyer and a business coach!

  13. A membership scheme (administered by Practice Plan)

I could go on.

A lovely day with Rachael Blyth and the team yesterday – and my special thanks to Rachael and Ross for pushing my car out of the snow at the Hydro last night!

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