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To iPad or not to iPad?

My first thought was “ a waste of time” – it’s just a large iTouch – no phone, no camera – doesn’t work unless you plug it into a Macbook.

I already have a Macbook Pro and a 3Gs iPhone – why would I want an iPad?

Then I watched Apple’s promotional video – and began to think that the iPad could replace the bulky Franklin Covey planner that travels everywhere with me.

I use the planner to keep my daily task list and also to write notes – it doesn’t do much more as my calendar is in iCal and I keep notes and copies of “stuff” synced via Mobileme.

So – do I invest in an iPad at the end of March – or do I buy another 12 months pages for my planner?

Then along comes Wired magazine to announce that they will have an iPad version of my favourite periodical from the late Spring.

So I could read magazines/e-books, keep my daily “to do” list (in A4 – I’m too old to read the screen on my iPhone without specs and a squint), make notes – and do all that other stuff they talk about.

And I’d be cool.

Then I’m having dinner with James Goolnik last night and he says “I’m going to wait until next year for the second generation iPad – it will have a camera and more features.”

Now I’m confused again – what’s an early-adopting boy to do about his toys?

Please – no sarcastic comments from Windows users.

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