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To Ipad Air or not to Ipad Air?

I saw my first at Glasgow Airport last Tuesday and since then its been haunting me.

The devil says, “think of how cool it would be for watching movies, reading periodicals and you already have an origami stand and a wireless keyboard.”

The angel says, “you have a Macbook Air that you love, it will mean carrying around the iPad Air, the stand and the keyboard as well as all your existing stuff (plus the various power cables and chargers) because you won’t leave your Macbook Air at home when you travel – you prefer the laptop for spreadsheets, content creation and other functions.”

The devil says. “you can get a student discount with one of your kids.”

The angel says, “it won’t work on the stereo base when you are ironing on a Sunday.”

The devil says. “you deserve it.”

The angel says, “you are having a lean year and when you emerge from the store you will suffer from buyers remorse.”

Decision made – no stress, no iPad Air.

Thank you Annie B – you are such an angel.

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