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Tiwari Watson Dental Care – just doing it

Sometimes a client just quietly beavers away at the internal marketing tactics that I rattle on about and they GTD (get things done).

Credit where it’s due to Joe Watson, Raashi Tiwari and the whole team at Tiwari Watson Dental Care in Glasgow.

They have created an excellent web site and, in particular, Joe writes a personal bog HERE.

There is also a regular patient newsletter, full of human interest stories.

The simple video testimonials on the web site are excellent and plentiful.

With over 150 digital reviews, Google’s algorithms will love this practice – and so will the prospective patients who visit their web site, Facebook Page and Instagram account.

Joe asked me this week for some reassurance that they were doing the right things.

I hope this post will prove that.

Perhaps at a lunch and learn you could take your team on a virtual tour of all the various internal marketing activities that the Tiwari Watson team take part in – to demonstrate how it can be done.

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