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Three types of marketing

Internal Marketing

Turning your existing patients into your unpaid salesforce.

Inbound Marketing

Becoming the expert in your area.

External Marketing

Interrupting strangers to shout at them about special offers.

The correct proportions......

Existing practice:

  • 80% Internal

  • 15% Inbound

  • 5% External

New practice:

  • 80% External

  • 15% Inbound

  • 5% Internal

But - you need to make the transition from "New Practice Marketing" to "Existing Practice Marketing" as quickly as you can.

See attached - and ask yourself what your proportions are at the moment?

Print the attachment - put it on the wall as a daily reminder.

If you don't know what effective Internal and Inbound Marketing look like - you need help - you need to join The Extreme Business 100.

We are experts at Internal and Inbound - our clients excel in these areas.

We have some room for new members of our community.

3 Types of Marketing
Download PDF • 1.02MB

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