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Three taxi drivers

Three taxi drivers yesterday.

Lukas is originally from Poland and is married with two small daughters, living in Dublin.

He has been a driver all of his working life (now in his early 40's) and has driven HGVs, buses and cabs.

He prefers the cab because it gives him the freedom to work flexible hours and spend time with his children.

Allan is 73-years old and loves driving and meeting people. His father played football for Eire and Dad once had the honour of shaking hands and having dinner with Sir Bobby Charlton.

He tells me that, if his wife had been a German in the 1940's, Hitler would have won the war.

Last night's driver from Glasgow Airport to Central Station didn't share his name - but did share his conspiracy theories:

  • "There is going to be another "plandemic" in about two months time because they need to lock us down again."

  • "The world economy is about to collapse and banks will go under."

  • "You need to buy silver because no other form of currency will have any value."

  • "The housing market is about to collapse - there is no point in owning property."

  • "Tony Blair did a deal with Europe that, in return for being appointed as a Middle-East peace envoy, he would support the invasion of Iraq."

  • "David Cameron is one of the wealthiest landowners in Scotland and the Brexit vote was engineered to secure his financial position."

  • "John Smith, former Labour Party leader, was murdered."

It really does take all sorts to make a world, but you can't beat a Glaswegian taxi driver.

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