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This place is weird…

Well – it’s kind of….. Too perfect? Everywhere is spotlessly clean, extremely quiet, perfectly formed.

At dinner last night, the food was magnificent and the customer service from our waiter, Jose, was faultless. But the place was largely empty – maybe we are here out of season – but the strange thing is, the car park is full – and there is nobody here…..

So, in our boredom, the 5 of us who stayed for dinner started to invent catchy names for best-selling business books, inspired by Seth Godin’s work in this field (example: Small is the New Big) Here’s our list from last night’s stupid conversation:

  1. My client ate my fritter

  2. India is the new China

  3. Really big is the new small

  4. Phishing with Jose

  5. Whoa! Look at that rock!

Which reminded me of a muse from Simon Hocken as we sat at the first Strategic Coach meeting, listening as we were encouraged to etablish yet another set of goals. Simon turned to me and quietly said: “I don’t know about you – but I’m a bit tired of having to set goals – why can’t I be meaningless for a while?” Which really got me thinking about a new coaching programme: Why Can’t I Just Be Meaningless for a While? The antidote to personal development programmes:

  1. Steps – Don’t bother creating any steps;

  2. Relationships – it’s all about you, you, you – screw everyone else

  3. Health – eat and drink to excess

  4. Exercise – to be avoided

  5. Career – just show up – never volunteer, avoid initiative

  6. Contribution – the world really does owe you a living

  7. Money – spend it – shopping is good – just keep borrowing

  8. Work – nobody can do things as well as you can – people cannot be trusted – work more hours

  9. Balance – why go home? It’s a dump, he/she is miserable and the kids are little shits

  10. Legacy – that was it.

Do you think it would sell? I woke at 4.00am again this morning – just cannot sleep at the moment- which possibly explains why this post is a little insane. Now that it’s light – I see that even the view off my balcony is perfect.

I’m beginning to suspect that this place is like Stepford – or Napoleon Solo and Illya Kurayakin are running underneath, Jack Nicholson wandering around with an axe? Anyways – off to breakfast. I’ve been sat in my room for 4 hours now and haven’t heard a sound anywhere around me.

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